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Digital With Acheron

Rebranding for a global crypto pioneer


concept / design
live site

Crypto is the next big thing, at least in our inbox. After helping out the Tomorrowland team with the launch of their first NFT collection, another crypto project quickly came our way. Acheron Trading is a market maker for token projects. If that sounds like gibberish to you, no worries, so it did to us at first. They were looking for a complete overhaul of their digital appearance and needed help visualizing their services in an understandable yet fancy way. Sounds like a DWY job to us!

Liquid markets

shady business or shader business?

Every web project should start with wireframes, right? Well, not really. We knew finding a good visual metaphor for their ‘market making for liquid assets’ would be key, so that’s where our branding exercise began. After stumbling upon this cool WebGL — instant Web3 vibes — the tone was set for the rest of the project.



what's your type

That ‘aha!’ moment when you find the perfect typeface for your project… Surt Expended hits the sweet spot between adding that ‘digital’ feeling without compromising on readability.


No cutting corners

with sci-fi borders

When building a visual language, we like to go all out. We found inspiration in how corners are shaped in Sci-Fi movies, and carried that element into basically every frame, box or button.


Now that we have a visual concept, it’s content time. Here’s how we improved their homepage with copy, visuals and the right conversion nudges at the right place:





Our tricks for

better product pages

The old Acheron Trading website actually didn’t have product/service pages. Hooray, carte blance! We went all out in terms of copy and visual elements, and here’s how these product pages ended up being structured:

  • A relevant header illustration grabs your attention immediately
  • First, we provide general context on the aspect of crypto the service applies to
  • Than we frame the potential challenges and problems
  • Next, an illustrated grid explains how Acheron’s services counters these issues
  • An interactive visual show a clear comparison of a scenario with vs. without Acheron
  • Each product page gets its specific CTA
  • Related services keeps the reader engaged if he/she is hungry for more
  • The footer contains yet another, more general CTA

Acheron1 2x Acheron2 2x Acheron3 2x Acheron4 2x


do you copy?

It’s Crypto. It’s new, it gets technical really fast. We wanted to make the copy sound a bit less technical and a lot more welcoming. Every sentence was written with “what’s in if for the customer” in mind, completely changing the tone of voice compared to the old website.



And Commander

Aaah, the logo. The elephant in the room. During the kick-off meeting, our client gave us the classic “we’re happy with our logo, you can suggest something different, but we’ll probably stick with what we have”. And in classic Digital With You fashion, the rest is history.

The original ship reference (from Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World) was kept, but the contours could use some refinement. Using gradients gave it way more depth, and it matched beautifully with the rest of the design language on the website.