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A clean, powerful website for an iconic Belgian Brewery


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With a turnover of 505 million euros and production of nearly 200 million liters of beer and beverages in 2022, 20 key brands, and 11 breweries across 3 continents, Duvel Moortgat stands as Belgium's largest privately-owned brewery and a highly successful one at that.

While their corporate website was functional, it was due for a modern update. Simply freshening it up wouldn't suffice, so the brewery reached out to us. We developed a clean, functional, and future-proof website, supported by a robust Craft CMS setup.

First things first

branding hurdles

If you've been following us for a while, you may have noticed a recurring pattern: usually, before we delve into a website redesign, another hurdle in the form of a branding exercise needs to be crossed. In this case, this meant refining the logo to match the minimal aesthetic we had in mind for the actual website.






lots of it

A basic slider with no headings or buttons, a three-year-old news article, and some indistinct beer glass shapes in the footer, all powered by an outdated and unsupported CMS system—it was clear that we needed to create the complete opposite.

Consequently, the new website structure evolved as follows:

  • Ditched the dropdown navigation in favor of fewer pages that tell one compelling story.
  • Expanded the news section significantly, featuring news from all brands, thus keeping the homepage 'alive.'
  • All key themes of the website are now present on the homepage: news, who they are, their sustainability/social mission, and career opportunities.

Old Homepage


New Homepage


Minimal on


The mobile design further showcases the clean and minimalist approach. Excessive buttons, colors, and sliders were replaced with a harmonious appearance and vibe. The crest is now more prominent. A 15-second video, optimized for vertical viewing, takes you through Duvel Moortgat's story. It's long enough to grab your attention, yet short enough to direct you to the company's latest updates below.

Old homepage


New homepage


Under the hood

CraftCMS turbocharged

Providing a seamless experience for the visitor is always our top priority. However, design is not the only crucial factor; the content management system is also of utmost importance. If it's difficult to edit the website's content, it will be done less frequently and with subpar results.

This is where Craft CMS comes in. We (and our clients) love it for several reasons:

  • Its established track record ensures a stable and reliable website, avoiding the risk of customers being redirected to spam sites due to unsafe Wordpress websites.
  • It is fast.
  • It offers advanced media management, content history, advanced forms, live previews, entry types, translations, and more, providing all the tools needed to meet the highest standards.
  • It is supported by a company with professional experts who are ready to assist in case of any issues.