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Rebranding the leading Laravel error tracking tool


concept / design
live site

Attention all Laravel devs! If you're like most of us, you've probably encountered Ignition, the default error page in Laravel developed by Spatie. But have you met its 'live' counterpart, Flare? This super-charged version of Ignition adds a bunch of management and collaboration features that make fixing bugs a breeze, and might just save your sanity in the process.

As for Spatie, they saw the website and branding work we did for another SaaS product (Oh Dear) and got a serious case of FOMO. They knew they had to have their own revamp to keep up with the cool kids, so they reached out to us to get their online presence up to snuff.

We're pretty stoked to have helped Spatie take their digital game to the next level, and hope that their redesigned website and branding make them the talk of the town (or at least the Laravel community)

Stylish new outfit

same personality

During our discovery phase with the client, one of our key priorities is figuring out how flexible the existing branding guidelines are. Luckily for us, our clients usually give us carte blanche to go crazy with our ideas. The Flare team was totally on board for a brand evolution, but they also wanted to maintain some recognizability since they've built up a loyal following in the Laravel community over the years.

We struck a good balance by keeping the logo and the green and purple color scheme, but ditching the origami theme for smooth gradients, layered blurs, and an off-white backdrop. The end result is a brand identity that's fresh and modern, without completely abandoning the Flare we all know and love. We like to think of it as a stylish new outfit that still has the same beloved personality underneath!

Old branding

Flare oldbranding

New branding

Flare newbranding

It's not a wheel

it's called the carousel

Ignition and Flare are specifically built for Laravel, providing extensive detail for any exceptions that arise. Knowing more about a bug makes it easier to solve, and the TimeMachine-like carousel in the page header sets the tone for a sophisticated user experience.

Flare header

Killing two birds

with one stone

But the expanded bug view is where Flare shines, and we decided the best way to showcase it was by displaying the interface. Rather than dumping a 4000px long screenshot in the middle of the page, we gave the interface its own browser frame with powerful titles that slide along as you scroll down. This allows us to kill two birds with one stone: those familiar with error tracking can see how Flare takes it to the next level, and those without technical expertise can benefit from our clever copy.

Flare scrolled

The entire product interface got a fresh new look to create a harmonious vibe on the whole page. And we were thrilled when the product team asked to borrow some of our design tricks for the actual product.

Flare interface

Slick animations

and scroll transitions

We went into great detail about the bug tracking process. However, since both Ignition and Flare offer those functionalities, when is the right time to upgrade to Flare? To make this ultra-clear, we created two visuals - one with a coding screen and the other with a server environment, one with a black backdrop and the other with a white backdrop, and one with a cursor and the other with multiple visitors. We added some slick animations and scroll transitions to make it even better.

Flare ignition
Flare flare

Now you know when to upgrade to Flare! Flare comes with a multitude of features, which we have distilled into nine items across three categories. Each of these features is illustrated in a classic Digital With You style. To further enhance the design, we incorporated fancy scroll animations and browser frames. As you scroll through the feature cards, the accompanying image changes, and a progress bar at the bottom gives you a quick overview.

Flare features overview

Trying Flare is free

Tracking bugs is priceless

The ultimate goal of the design is to convert visitors into paying customers, no matter how fancy it may look. To achieve this, we always strive to eliminate potential objections, hurdles, and worries. To assist with this, Flare offers a 14-day free trial, and we know that retention rates are relatively high after this period. All people need to do is install Flare and give it a shot.

To illustrate just how simple it is to set up Flare, we created a clean, slightly playful layout. The aim was to make the setup process as accessible and user-friendly as possible, prompting people to take the plunge and try Flare for themselves.

Flare setup

The "Get Started" call-to-action is sticky while scrolling and directs you to a powerful statement in the footer. We deliberately kept the footer minimal to avoid detracting from the main message: "Stop guessing, start tracking. It's easy, and it's free."

Flare footer

While the homepage boasts numerous scroll effects and animations, we purposely opted for a more static design for the feature page. This was a deliberate choice, given the heavy content present on the page. As a result, the feature page is intended to function as a separate landing page that provides a comprehensive overview for first-time visitors.

Prior to delving into the range of features, we explain the distinction between Ignition and Flare. At the bottom of the page, three unique selling points (USPs) briefly summarize why Flare is an exceptional tool to use.

Feature page / before

Flare featurepage before

Feature page / After

Flare featurepage