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A clever tool for making better business decisions


Finance & Accounting
concept / design / illustration

An online tool that gives entrepreneurs and their accountants insight into their numbers, that’s Intellifin in a nutshell. In Belgium, we have something called the ‘KBO’, which is a central database that automatically publishes the yearly financial statements of every firm. Intellifin scrapes and interprets this data, automatically comparing your business to competitors and similarly sized companies. The outcome is loads of relevant insights and precise predictions.

Intellifin reached out to us for the redesign of their marketing website. In itself, it had all the right content. But the lack of a visual identity and overload of tiny screenshots weren’t doing their otherwise nifty product any justice. We took on the challenge to bring the product to their audience in a more compelling way.




starting off on the right foot

Initially, the branding itself was out of scope for this project. However, after a small exploration of the color palette and typography options, we convinced the client to go with a subtle but welcome refresh.


What’s the plan, Dutch?

How do you convey a financial product to your audience and trigger them to request a trial? Not with cheesy stock photos and unreadable screenshots, as was the case. We took the key features of the app and turned them into widget-ish illustrations. This visual concept became the red wire for the rest of the website.

Mobile 1 Mobile 2 Mobile 3

designed for conversion

Loosen up my buttons, babe

From our research with the client, we learned the percentage of trial users turning into paying customers is fairly big. So we made clear entry points for the trial flow on every content block. All in the same poppy orange, but with slightly customized, relevant copy. Buttons that don’t lead to the trial flow have a reverse color scheme.

Old homepage

Homepage old

New homepage

Homepage new


Money works

Another page where we had our work cut out for us was the pricing page. At first glance, it looks similar. Yet, there was a lot of room for improvement. First, we changed the names of the packages to be more relevant to their specific target audiences. By adding the features to each column instead of only to the left, it’s way easier to scan what is and what is not included. Pricing for a multiple-user account can easily be calculated, and the pricing block stays fixed when scrolling so the call-to-actions are always visible.

Old pricing page

Pricing old

New pricing page

Pricing new