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A fun and flashy website for a fresh and fruity beer


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Good news travels fast. After our successful launch of the new De Koninck website, the marketing folks from Liefmans — another Belgian beer brand — within the Duvel Moortgat group — reached out to us. The brief: to create a new inspirational platform for Liefmans Fruitesse (a fruity apero beer) and Liefmans Craft Blends (traditional Belgian blends). Say no more, challenge accepted!
Two tastes

a tale of two tastes

the footer is not the end

Let's start this case study a little different: from the bottom up. The Liefmans brand universe consists of two parts: Fruitesse, a fruity apero beer with a young audience, and Craft Blends, the more traditional beers that carry a lot of heritage. In their previous website, these two worlds were indistinguishable. To split them up — yet somehow keep them connected — we made the link to the other platform reveal itself from underneath the footer as if it were hiding there all the time.
Home mobile
Home desktop
Desktop mobile homepage

earn your stripes

serve a Liefmans

Four red stripes form the cornerstone of Liefmans’ visuals identity. They appear prominently on the label, but also on all print materials and social visuals. So naturally we kept true to this.

spinning the bottle

or at least make it rotate

Every project we try — in true DWY fashion — to push our boundaries and go beyond the client’s expectations. Some small (loading) animations are default by now when we deliver a website, but with the bottles being the key visual element, just making them fade or slide in would look really basic. So how about making them roll? For a detailed look into how we made that work, check the video below that goes into the nitty-gritty.

hey what’s cookin’

good lookin’

Some projects leave you inspired, some leave you hungry. Some both! The recipes created by the folks at Liefmans are absolutely mouthwatering. We wanted to subtly yet presently push the Liefmans beers used in these recipes, so on the bottom of the viewport, we show just the neck of the bottle. Since they feature the iconic Liefmans stripes, they’re easily recognizable. When hovered, the bottle reveals itself and links to the product page.

cherries on the cake

(in the beer actually)

We love adding little details that just make sense. On mobile, a hamburger menu icon typically is tree-stacked lines. Ours has four, to mimic the four Liefmans stripes. The alcohol-free version of the beer has a silver color scheme instead of red. So on that page of the site the menu icon — you guessed it — turns silver. And so does the favicon.
Liefmans fruitesse
Liefmans fruitesse alcohol free
Liefmans homepage Liefmans fruitesse alcohol free Liefmans cocktails

powerful CMS

1 2 3, as simple as do re mi

The site was built on Craft CMS. Its fast, flexible, secure, multi-language is a breeze. Basically, the kind of CMS that will make you *actually want* to update your website’s content. We sat together (virtually, of course) with the Liefmans marketing team for a brief introduction into the site’s backend and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.