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concept / design
High-end LED components, sleek design solutions, and endless configurability quickly earned Orbit a place amongst Europe’s leading lighting brands. As tradition goes in lighting design, each brand bundles its products into a huuuuuge catalog, also comically referred to as their ‘bible’. But with the ongoing LEDification (yes, that’s a word) of lighting fixtures, these bibles have become more of a necessary evil rather than a useful tool. Orbit’s brief was as clear as it was challenging: create a digital platform that not only replaces their traditional catalog, but that also lets architects, light planners, installers, and consumers explore the Orbit product ecosystem in a much more powerful and inspiring way.
Mobile 1
Mobile 2

digital branding

pick any color, as long as it’s black

Orbit’s lighting fixtures are known for their clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and ‘form follows function’ approach. Our goal was to create a digital look and feel that honors their reputation. So we slightly yet strategically tuned the use of color and typography.

product pages

turns out lenght does matter

Clients rarely order just one lighting fixture. A lighting designer draws up a lighting plan, carefully selecting and positioning the perfect lights for the giving space. In addition, a lighting solution doesn’t consist of just one fixture. Combining fixtures with mounting rails, tracks, dimmers, creating endless possibilities. Even a lighting fixture itself has different mounting options, color temperatures, dimming protocols, and multiple color combinations. Can you still see the wood for the trees? Since the old product page was a datasheet of a specific part number, rather than an informative and inspiring product page, visitors were left to figure all of the above out for themselves. Our proposal covered all those bases. We could talk about it all day, but we’d rather have the comparison below do the talking.

Old product page

Old product page

Redesigned product page

New product page

product finder

bro, do you even filter?

If you’ve carefully read the previous paragraph (bravo!) then you now know lighting fixtures have a sh** ton of specifications. To the average consumer, most of them do not ring a bell. But for lighting professionals, finding a solution for your very specific need way faster than on a competitors’ website is a huge plus. We dug deep into product categorization, (dynamic) filters, and sorting options. The result is a powerful product finder that’s ready for years to come.
Product finder

modular, but consistent

keep it suave, lekker simpel

This project consisted of over fifty screens. Aside from the obligatory homepage, contact page, and about page, there are tons of product pages, product family pages, documentation pages, support flows, and more. To keep things visually consistent, flexible in terms of ‘CMS-ability’ (is that a word?) and developable within a realistic budget, we set the designs to a fixed grid and used a masonry layout to add a bit of playfulness. On product family pages, bold black sections provide an easy framework to highlight key features. We wanted to set the stage for Orbit’s imagery to work their magic, so we did exactly that.
Screenshot overview