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Ain't no party like a book party


Standaard Boekhandel
design / development
When the bars have to close due to COVID19… it’s time to open a book! Standaard Boekhandel and DPG Media invited all bookworms into over a hundred stores all over Belgium for a ton of (Corona-safe) workshops, meet and greets, and more. We created a single-page website that provides all practical info about the different locations and events.

speedy gonzales

can we bring it home?

In these crazy ‘Corona times’, with 99% of events being canceled, companies had to think fast and bring creative solutions to the table. Standaard Boekhandel wanted to prove an alternative to the country’s biggest book festival. Their solution? More than a hundred small book parties. About three weeks before the event was scheduled we were approached by their marketing team with the request to create an appealing and flexible event website. That gave us a bit more than a week to create a visual language, get it approved, and build the whole thing. Did we pull it off? We sure did.
Feest van het boek

powerful CMS

1 2 3, as simple as do re mi

What appeared to be an easy single-page website, was a bit more complete on the back side. Hundred participating bookstores, that’s hundred people who need to add and edit events to the line-up. We made a custom flow in Craft CMS that lets the bookstore owners do just that, and only just that.
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