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Creative digital design

Let's skip the buzzword bingo

So, this is the place where we bombard you with buzzword bingo, hollow clichés and agency lingo, right? Wrong. We figured highlighting some of our work and the reasoning behind the design choices we make is the best way for you to get to know us. I’m Steve btw, nice to meet you!


Intellifin before


Intellifin after

Creative & conversion focused

Digital Redesigns

"It's not just what it looks like, it's how it works." - Steve Salens Jobs

  • Case

    Intellifin - Business Insights
    • Revamped color scheme

      Energetic colors and subtle gradients serve as a versatile backdrop

    • New navigation structure

      Less but better pages

    • Interface components as visual elements

      Highlighting key features in a playful way

    • Better and more call to actions

      Consistent CTA placement & more entry points

    • Rewritten for conversion

      Titles that trigger

    • No more boring templates

      Content set to a dynamic grid

    • Little big details

      Small but unique visual elements and subtle animations

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Platforms overview

Structured but sexy

Content-heavy platforms

Who says size doesn't matter?

  • References

    Tomorrowland / De Koninck / Standaard Boekhandel
    • Like a big box of legos

      Pages made up of flexible components rather than fixed structures

    • Creative but usable

      Balancing between creativity and usability

    • Communication is key

      Close collaboration with implementation teams

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Tomorrowland atw redbull Tomorrowland lipton 2019 Tomorrowland lipton winter 2020 Tomorrowland lyft Tomorrowland havana xv Tomorrowland lipton winter 2019 Tomorrowland atw tastes of the world Tomorrowland lipton 2018 Tomorrowland atw cocktail inspiration Tomorrowland atw landing page Tomorrowland ibiza 500 Tomorrowland atw sound of tomorrow

Creative & conversion focused

Campaign websites & single pagers

One page to rule 'm all

  • Case

    Tomorrowland Partnerships
    • Best of both worlds

      Blending the Tomorrowland universe with the supporting brands

    • Gentlemen, place your clicks

      Conversion focused with a creative twist

    • Keep the brief.. Well, brief

      Pro-active approach and fast iterations

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