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Full-stack development

Making sure you don't have to worry about technology

Hi, I'm Dieter. And the most important part of my job is making sure you don't have to worry about the technology that's driving your business:

  • Making the right choice of technology,
  • maintaining a reliable code base,
  • and ensuring a high-quality end-user experience.

It is essential for every self-respecting brand.

  • It will make sure your customers return,
  • you'll avoid unnecessary support,
  • and build a trustworthy relationship with your customer.


To ensure quality in web development, we pay attention to four main topics, each with its techniques.

  • Speed & Performance

    Going blazing-fast not only affects the SEO, but research has also proven that it is directly linked to more conversions.


    • Web Vitals

    • Adaptive Images

    • Static Page Caching

    • HTTP Caching

    • Preloading

    • Progressive Enhancement

  • Easily discoverable

    Optimize for search engines and get more relevant users viewing your content.


    • Semantics

    • Open Graph

    • Microdata

    • Sitemaps

    • Https and mixed content

  • Accessibility

    Important for all users. Unless you never checked a website from your sofa in an awkward position.


    • Semantics

    • Touch Friendly

    • Clean urls

  • Adapt

    To the device, browser, and OS settings. And to your business.


    • Fluid design

    • Component-based

    • Browser Icons

    • Dark mode

    • Keep improving

Content Management

Over the past years, we've worked with a variety of technologies, from highly scalable Amazon AWS products to hardware-specific scripting languages. The technology used depends for a great part on the kind of task it needs to fulfill. And if we're not familiar with something ourselves, we'll call in reinforcements.

But when it comes to marketing websites a lot of the requirements are the same for different projects. And for those, we've chosen a trustworthy system that we'll use by default and which we learned all do's and don'ts about. Let me introduce you to Craft CMS.

When creating a new project we want to focus entirely on the brand experience. To shorten the project lead time and keep costs at a minimum, the back-end functionality should be shared on as many projects as possible.

Craft CMS has a world class leading default functionality set:
  • Easy to use

    No extensive training is needed. The intuitive interface, drag & drop functionality, and live preview make editing your website a breeze.

  • Ready to be tailored

    The data is modeled specific for your project, without making any assumptions about your content.

  • Scales with Your Business

    Start with a beautiful landing page, keep adding pages, functionality, sites, and webshops later.

  • Secure and supported

    Support plans and SLAs are available when needed, the best security practices are included by default.

  • Multi-site

    Managing all your brand's websites in one place. convenient for you, a coherent experience for your visitor.

  • Localization

    Translate and localize every word for an unlimited number of sites, languages, and locales.

  • Asset management

    without having to worry about image sizes, the images are scaled and converted to the right format behind the scenes.

  • User management

    Work together with an unlimited amount of people in your organization. Or bring in external help and limit their access to what they are needed for.

In-house Craft(ed) Plugins

Although we happily use the great Plugins of the community - shout out to Formie, Blitz, and SEOMatic - we also create our own, share it over our projects, and make it available to other developers.

  • Icon of Facebook Conversion
    Facebook Conversion

    Optimize your Facebook advertisements by sending web events directly to Facebook.

    View in Craft Store

  • Icon of Cookie Though (In development)
    Cookie Though (In development)

    Our friends at In The Pocket created a full-featured cookie banner, we are making a Craft Plugin for it.

    Available soon

  • Icon of Project "Social Proof"
    Project "Social Proof"

    One study showed 92% of consumers are more likely to trust non-paid recommendations than any other type of advertising.

    Available soon

  • Icon of Project "Social Beauty"
    Project "Social Beauty"

    Our most recent development project focuses on showing the most perfect representation of your website on Social Media.

    Available later

Custom Backend Development

Developing business specific needs

With a long history in PHP & Cloud development and first-hand knowledge of our own Plugins, we are ready to develop any business -specific needs.

For example:

  • Integrate with your CRM, ERP, or PIM
  • Specific price calculators or product configurators
  • Warehouse stock management
  • Mobile app API
  • PDF exports of line-ups, products, or estimates
  • Setup a custom publishing flow

Feel free to contact us and discuss all possibilities.