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Craft CMS partner

Companies and agencies striving for online excellence rely on Digital With You to build, maintain, and enhance their Craft CMS websites.

  • For SME's
  • For marketing teams
  • For agencies
  • For startups
  • male technologist12 years of experience in webdevelopment
  • gear5 years of experience in complex Craft CMS agencies
  • link symbolAlso for existing websites
  • brainProactive thinking
  • racing carQuick response time
  • open lockNo vendor lock-in
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Performance Support Development

Everything to keep your site in mint condition


We leverage all our technical know-how to keep your website in top condition.

Your website in prime condition

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    Secured against attacks and vulnerabilities

  • racing car

    Superfast hosting and optimized content.

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    Fully semantic for optimal accessibility and SEO ranking.

That's why we handle this for you

  • Comprehensive monitoring

    8 checks that we systematically run and instantly run and instantly report.

  • Systematic backups

    We ensure nothing is lost, and older versions can be restored.

  • Managed hosting

    With a tailored hosting environment, your Craft CMS always performs optimally without overpaying.

  • External integrations

    If one of your tools updates its API and breaks your site? We fix it immediately for you!

  • Updating Craft CMS & plugins

    We ensure that the core of your website and all used plugins are always running on the latest version, keeping you up-to-date at all times.


A website should thrive. We ensure you never have to resuscitate it.

Your website in prime condition

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    Scores better in search engines

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    Visitors return more quickly and frequently

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    Your site stays in-sync with the objectives of your company

That's why we handle this for you

  • Craft CMS training

    With the basics of Craft, you'll quickly get started. We teach new members of your team the necessary ins and outs to edit content smoothly.

  • Content input and updates

    A fan of Craft but not really into CMS’ing? We can also handle all content adjustments for you with our flexible credit system.

  • Content design

    Expanding and polishing content types: With the flexible content blocks in Craft CMS, you're already on the right track. If you have more specific styling or functionality needs, making your content shine is our expertise.


Senior technical expertise,
 available at your fingertips

Technical expertise with a marketing mindset

Senior technical expertise with a marketing mindset following our "Think First, Code Second" principle. We don't just execute blindly; we always aim for the most efficient and sustainable solution.

  • Transforming design into front-end code
  • Ensuring GDPR compliance, managing cookies, and prioritizing privacy.
  • Information architecture for content-heavy websites
  • Custom plugins
  • Multi-site and multi-language
  • Custom integrations and connections
  • Expanding native content types
  • Implementation of analytics and tracking tools
  • Craft Commerce
  • Hosting and server-load optimization
  • Migrations
  • Diagnosis and debugging
clients cases examples

Crafting success stories


A glimpse into our activities. So you know exactly what to expect from us.

  • CRM integration for a real estate agency dev
  • In-house plugin developed: Facebook Conversion Open-source
  • Templates and content loading for the sustainability report '23 of Duvel Moortgat content
  • Craft CMS website in Arabic for Terra Solis Dubai Multi-language
  • Craft Commerce solution for Brewery De Koninck E-commerce
  • Craft 3 to Craft 4 upgrade for a client in the event sector CMS
  • GDPR-proof implementation of a unified cookie banner across 9 websites. GDPR
  • Customer portal for a health and lifestyle brand dev
  • Internal team training for one of our clients dev
  • PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.3 upgrade for LiNK Engineering Hosting
  • From Lighthouse score 88 to Lighthouse score 99 for Duvel Moortgat SEO
  • Fixed broken links for Brewery Chouffe CMS


A successful collaboration since 2019

Antwerp City Brewery

Since 2019, we've been supporting the team at Antwerp City Brewery. Their Craft CMS solution consolidates numerous activities, businesses, and products onto one platform. This means: lots of pages, lots of stakeholders, and lots of content changes. Thanks to our smart Craft setup, they manage most of this themselves.

Screenshot of the website for Antwerp City Brewery

Once a month, we review upcoming activities and tackle any special cases well in advance. Over the years, we've further expanded the platform with additional functionalities, such as a Craft Commerce solution for take-away orders.

  • Monthly check-in
  • CMS training for new team members
  • Webshop integration via Craft Commerce
  • Efficient multilingual support
  • Direct line with paid advertising partner
  • Continuous monitoring