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Read what our customers have to say and how they specifically leverage our services to optimize their digital presence.

Antwerp City Brewery

Since 2019, we've been supporting the team at Antwerp City Brewery. Their Craft CMS solution consolidates numerous activities, businesses, and products onto one platform. This means: lots of pages, lots of stakeholders, and lots of content changes. Thanks to our smart Craft setup, they manage most of this themselves.

Screenshot of the website for Antwerp City Brewery

Once a month, we review upcoming activities and tackle any special cases well in advance. Over the years, we've further expanded the platform with additional functionalities, such as a Craft Commerce solution for take-away orders.

  • Monthly check-in
  • CMS training for new team members
  • Webshop integration via Craft Commerce
  • Efficient multilingual support
  • Direct line with paid advertising partner
  • Continuous monitoring


Terra Solis Dubai

Combine a luxury hotel with a festival, set the concept in the middle of a desert, and you'll get a glamping experience like no other. Terra Solis is a unique hospitality concept supported by the Tomorrowland team. And the marketing website for this blend of lifestyle, food, and beats? That's obviously from our hands.

We handle the entire management of the site. That means we adjust all content around events, formulas, and contests, but also continuously improve the site. Their experience team focuses on devising new offerings, which we repeatedly translate into clear pages.

  • Weekly check-in
  • Content management by our team
  • Contest pages with forms plugin
  • Bookings integration
  • Constant monitoring
  • New pages for new concepts


Duvel Moortgat
Corporate website

Duvel Moortgat is the proud maker of the iconic Duvel beer, but their range also includes twelve other refreshing beers. Their global turnover exceeds 500 million euros. We have created a platform where they can discuss their brands, social initiatives, job openings, and much more.

The internal team at Duvel Moortgat is primarily responsible for managing their corporate website. With powerful page templates and flexible modules, there are numerous possibilities to present their content beautifully in a digital manner, and that in multiple languages.

We support our client in adding extra flair to specific content, such as developing charts and statistics in a consistent brand style.

  • Monnthly check-in
  • CMS training for new team members
  • Integration with job platform
  • Efficient multilingualism
  • Graphic support for fancy content
  • Constant monitoring